Morgan Reidy – Founder & CEO

Morgan Reidy / Founder & CEO

SHS Partners was established in 2016 by CEO Morgan Reidy, a highly-skilled healthcare strategist and business development expert. Morgan combines a clinical background with years of professional experience within national and international healthcare organisations. Morgan is committed to offering a simple solution to support NHS Trusts in managing RTT pathways and achieving their 18-week waiting time targets. SHS Partners have a proven success record of partnering with NHS Trusts and Health Boards across England and Wales with contracts spanning over twenty clinical specialism areas.
“We do not underestimate the scale of the waiting list challenge faced by the NHS. However, we believe harnessing and optimising the services offered by integrated partners is a significant part of the solution. Our company motto is ‘standing shoulder to shoulder with the NHS’, and we must evolve in unison with the service. SHS Partners is ready to respond to the challenge and build sustainable relationships.”