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Telehealth solutions to help improve the patient experience. SHS Partners has a range of cost-effective solutions including virtual clinics to GP appointment bookings.

Telephone Solutions for NHS Trusts and Health Boards. Does your NHS Trust need help to deliver Virtual Clinics to your patients? There has been a huge rise in virtual clinics, recognised by Trusts and Clinicians as a highly effective means to maintain vital contact with patients whilst reducing waiting lists. We have been busily delivering virtual clinics for NHS clients in several clinical specialisms including Cardiology and Gastroenterology. Our consultants have performed routine and follow-up appointments with patients from the safety of their own homes.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your NHS Trust with our cost-effective, safe solution. SHS Partners work in collaboration with UK and world-leading technology experts to help redesign how the healthcare sector harness advances in telehealth technology. Services vary from virtual clinics to online GP appointments, second opinion services to community triage and A&E telehealth solutions.

“Virtual clinics are a highly effective way to reduce waiting lists and maintain vital contact with patients”

SHS Partners Consultant Cardiologist

SHS Partners Telehealth Virtual Clinics NHS

Telehealth Solutions from SHS Partners

Our vision is to help our clients overcome waiting lists challenges. Moreover, we actively facilitate the achievement of long-term efficiency objectives. We provide safe, patient-centred, innovative and integrated care delivered in collaboration with you, our partners.

SHS Partners was established in 2016 by CEO Morgan Reidy, a highly skilled strategist and business development expert. Morgan combines a clinical background with years of professional experience within national and international healthcare organisations. Morgan is committed to offering a simple solution to support NHS Trusts in the management of RTT pathways and to achieve their 18-week waiting time targets. For example, we have a proven success record of partnering with NHS Trusts and Health Boards across England and Wales with contracts spanning over twenty areas of clinical specialism. Since 2016 we have helped over 100,000 patients. Read more about SHS Partners experience in our case studies.


We are agile and resolute in our commitment to support the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic. Our support services are diverse and of the highest standard, including COVID-19 testing for up to 30,000 tests per day, NHS waiting list and clinical recovery solutions and the supply of PPE products.

Telehealth Solutions through NHS Frameworks

We are immensely proud to be appointed to two fully compliant NHS-wide frameworks. The scope of the NHS On-site Surgical and Medical Capacity Solutions Framework allows for telehealth solutions. 

See our handy Insourcing Explained page for more information. 

– No formal tendering, save valuable procurement time and money

– Open to all UK NHS public sector organisations

– Waiting list reduction

– Retain capacity planning in-house

– Procure quality, value for money insourced or outsourced clinical services

– Patients are seen within NHS premises or suitable and compliant settings

– Rigorous procurement covering legislative requirements

– Agile OJEU compliant framework

SHS Partners NHS Framework Approved

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