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SHS Partners provide Pathology Solutions to the NHS and private healthcare providers. We can be trusted to deliver accurate, real-time reporting for effective patient diagnoses.

Scalable pathology solutions to meet your needs. We know that laboratory test results impact around 70%-80% of healthcare decisions in the UK. Reliable results are critical, therefore the laboratory that prepares your test slides, blocks and specimens is crucial to your success.


We are agile and resolute in our commitment to support the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic. Our support services are diverse and of the highest standard, including COVID-19 testing for up to 30,000 tests per day, NHS waiting list and clinical recovery solutions and the supply of PPE products.

SHS Partners Pathology Solutions

We build customised Pathology Solutions to suit the needs of our clients, from slide scanning, server storage, intuitive reporting software to ongoing IT support.  Annually, we handle more than 15,000 cases with over 90% of specimens reported within 48 hours. You will have access to a team of experienced, expert, UK-accredited Consultant Histopathologists who provide targeted, insightful and collaborative reporting solutions as well as research, teaching and training resources.

Why choose SHS Partners for Pathology Solutions

[pivot_feature_box image=”2464″ title=”Scaleable Solutions”]Whether you need short term assistance to cover an increased workload and holidays, or long-term support, our Pathology Solutions are rapid, reliable and cost-effective. From specimen collection, slide processing and analysis with secure online reporting by specialist UK consultants, through to antibody sourcing or help with funding proposals.[/pivot_feature_box]

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Fast turnaround times for both NHS and independent institutions, with over 90% of specimens reported within 48 hours.

View reports online in real-time the second they are authorised.


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Clear display screens for easy navigation of the SHS Partners system. Unique coding facilities to reduce error and manual input time.

Personalised online dashboard for an instant, real-time summary of all work in progress including report status, specimen shipment details and turnaround times.


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No long-term contracts, no minimum volumes, just a fixed ‘per case’ fee.

A fixed fee per case with no hidden extras, for easy budget control.

The most competitive pricing in the UK without compromising quality or service.

A cost-effective alternative to locum recruitment to deal with sudden peaks in workload, cover for sickness and holidays.


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Comprehensive user training to get you started – at your office, via webinar or by phone.

Reporting consultants available for conference calls and meetings.

Online help desk providing technical support.


Our network of CPA-accredited UK laboratories provide a full range of Pathology & Histopathology services including:

– Histology samples

– Gross tissue dissection

– Wet tissue processing to paraffin wax and embedding

– Slide production from paraffin processed blocks

– Customised microtomy schemes if desired

– Special stains as requested

– Wide range of immunohistochemistry, with antibodies supplied by client or from departmental stock

– Her2 FISH testing

– Molecular biology

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