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Our COVID-19 solutions support the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic

We are resolute in our commitment to support the national effort against the coronavirus pandemic. Our support services are diverse, including Gold Standard RT-PCR COVID-19 testing for 25k+ tests per day, NHS waiting list and clinical recovery solutions and the supply of PPE products.

Together with our partners and key stakeholders, we are working tirelessly to assist NHS trusts, local authorities, essential service businesses and individuals. Contact us today and let us help you fight coronavirus COVID-19 to protect your people and the public.

SHS Partners COVID-19 Support Solutions

[pivot_feature_box image=”1828″ title=”Mass-Capacity COVID-19 Testing” button_text=”FIND OUT MORE” link=””]25k+ per day capacity for Gold Standard RT-PCR COVID-19 testing through our UK-based accredited laboratory. Guaranteed volumes, cost-effective and reliable solution.[/pivot_feature_box]
[pivot_feature_box image=”1830″ title=”Post-COVID Waiting List Recovery Solutions” button_text=”FIND OUT MORE” link=””]We are mobilised and ready to help NHS Trusts and Health Boards to deliver elective care. With face-to-face and virtual clinic options, together we can ensure patients get the safe care they need and deserve.[/pivot_feature_box]
[pivot_feature_box image=”1829″ title=”COVID PPE Equipment Supply” button_text=”FIND OUT MORE” link=””]Our immediate and genuine supply chain is helping NHS trusts, local authorities, corporate businesses and individuals to provide PPE equipment and supplies.[/pivot_feature_box]

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