SHS Partners Insourcing Cardiology NHS Waiting List Management

Consultant Cardiologist, Dr Eric Holroyd, gives his personal experience of why insourcing is vital to reducing NHS waiting list backlogs.

“Patients are getting the care they need with insourcing and out-of-hours surgeries on NHS premises. They receive seamless service and the same level of care as they would during regular hospital hours.”

Dr Holroyd, Interventional Cardiologist with twenty years of clinical and academic experience, works for University Hospital of the North Midlands. Annually he performs over 200 percutaneous coronary interventions (PCIs or angioplasties). He is also the Clinical Lead for Cardiology at Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust near Crewe.

“Waiting lists are continually extending, to a higher degree as a result of COVID-19. During the height of the recent and ongoing pandemic , we have continued routine outpatients services at Mid Cheshire NHS Foundation Trust by working with SHS Partners. We have provided additional telephone-based clinics to cardiology patients through-out. It has become apparent that the excess morbidity and mortality caused by COVID-19 was not only directly due to infection but also an indirect rise in cancer and heart disease deaths. MCHT in concert with SHS Partners were able to provide support to these vulnerable patients.”

SHS Partners have a positive track record of working in collaboration with NHS Trusts and Health Boards delivering proven waiting list results. We have helped over 75,000 waiting list patients since 2016 in more than 20 areas of clinical specialism, including cardiology. The NHS trust retains capacity planning in-house, while SHS Partners ensure patients receive in-patient and outpatient care within the familiar hospital environment. Fully accredited consultants, healthcare professionals and nursing staff undertake all care, many often have day jobs elsewhere in the health service”.

When it comes to efficiency and cost savings, NHS Commercial Procurement Services are clear about the benefits of adopting Insourcing. Ian Bailiff Commercial Procurement Specialist at The Countess of Chester Hospital explains “Insourcing is a way to maximise your in-house capacity, letting you reduce or eliminate the need for additional mobile facilities and expensive outsourcing. At the same time, reducing in-patient and outpatient waiting times, referrals expedited, service quality improved, and Trusts can release considerable cash savings.”

Dr Holroyd concludes, “The managed insourcing model is hugely effective and delivers significant results in reducing the waiting list backlogs. Notably, the NHS Trust pays no more for Insourcing. Instead, they share the tariff payment for each procedure or appointment with SHS Partners who pay for the consultants, nurses and other healthcare professionals.” 

SHS Partners is ready to respond to the waiting list challenge and build sustainable relationships to benefit patients, NHS Trusts, Health Board, and staff. With experience in over 20 clinical specialities including Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Radiology and Orthopaedic Surgery, we work in complete partnership, never competition, with the NHS. Our commercial frameworks are bespoke for each service solution, and we share the PBR tariffs, thus benefiting both parties. To find out more SEE HERE.